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How Did You Become a Coach?

In June of 1993, I took a transformational seminar called the Landmark Forum. I wish I could say I had major breakthroughs from it, but I didn’t. I did, however, find a friendly community, a place where people were really glad to see me, and that began the process of getting comfortable in that kind of pursuit: of sorting out what happens in life from what I make it mean. The more courses I took, and the more I participated, the greater facility I developed in listening.

Four years later, in 1997, in the context of a leadership training program whose participants I was coaching, I altered the focus of a particular training workshop, whose initial purpose was to successfully reproduce the format/script for leading introductions to the Landmark Forum, to focus on people being able to speak more authentically — not only while leading introductions to the Landmark Forum — but everywhere in their lives.

The name of the workshop also changed from “Format Advanced Body” to “Freedom, Authenticity and Breakthroughs.”

The FAB team, as it became known, consisting of myself and several other very insightful, powerful coaches, became over the next three years the hottest thing at the NY center.

The sessions were three hours long, and it was “anything goes”. Participants could say whatever they needed to say to really begin to experience freedom and enhanced self-expression in all of their relationships, including their relationship to themselves. We became known for straight, powerful, incisive communication, often about confronting issues, that would empower people to transform areas of their lives and communication. This became getting known as “getting fabbed”, and there was always a waiting list to be coached at the front of the room. Coaches as well as participants in every program from 1997 through the fall of 2000 acknowledged the massive difference these workshops had made in their lives.

In Fall 2000, Landmark Education discontinued the FAB team, as the company came to realize that the coaching sessions were not directly in keeping with the original intent of empowering the participants’ delivery of the format. I was told, “This is not our thing, this is yours, so you can’t do it here.”

This, of course, was actually great news.

When Did You Start Your Coaching Practice?

In the fall of 2000. The techniques and skills I’d developed in the FAB team became the foundation for my Coaching practice.

Why Do You Coach?

I coach to inspire people’s self-expression as an access to a world where everyone belongs.*

*Note: I designed this purpose in 2006 in Toronto at an amazing course for men called Legacy Discovery.

I also coach to inspire others, and to be inspired as well, by what is possible for people and humanity. I am constantly present to my own development as I facilitate the development and success of others.

Who Do You Coach?

People willing to begin the process of taking responsibility for all of their relationships — family, romantic, friends, professional, etc. — and who want the freedom that that way of being makes possible.

With my clients, I also distinguish and acknowledge the differences between men and women that are profound, challenging and wonderful and that help shape us as unique human beings.

I first became interested in this aspect of humanity after doing the Sterling Men’s Weekend in December 2003.

Why Should I Hire You?

I talk straight, I am uncannily perceptive, and I get to the truth quickly. I stand for YOU having what YOU say YOU want in YOUR life. Plain and simple.

Ultimately I cut through the usual smoke screen / excuses / story / camouflage you give to everyone, including yourself. This allows you the freedom to begin communicating with — dare I say it? — Freedom, Authenticity and Breakthroughs!


Coaching is the process of working with a collaborative partner in an empathetic and supported environment.

Life & Relationship Analysis

Dave is a trusted and respected relationship and life coach professional that will challenge, motivate, mentor, and inspire.

Life Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your goals and achieve success.


After working with me you’ll
be able to:

• Freely express your love
• Let go of your past
• Enjoy your family
• Have dating be a joy
• Work with passion
• Revitalize intimacy
• Expand your communities
• Appreciate who you are now
• Communicate with authenticity
• Not be stopped by fear

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"Dave's abilities as a coach have helped me to grow. His questions and insights have shown me truths about myself as an individual, as well as how I show up in my relationships. He has helped me to understand how I communicate, how I can do so better and how my words and actions affect others. Through our discussions, I have become more aware of myself. His wisdom that he has shared with me has enabled me to understand others on a much deeper level. He will listen carefully and then ask questions to make you aware of what you actually said and work with you from there. He is talented at uncovering the root of the problem and I appreciate his honesty. There are too many people in this world who will sugar coat things and are afraid to be truthful because sometimes the truth can be difficult to hear. Dave is not afraid to tell the truth and it is one of his best qualities. His deep commitment to his client's happiness, however, shines through in all of his words and actions. He is truly a wonderful person and I have been blessed to work with him. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me!"
Chelsea J.Charlotte, NC
"Dave is a vigorous, honest, no BS relationship coach. I can't recommend him more highly. My wife and I were having difficulty "speaking the same language" and Dave, sometimes brutally but always with love, consistently pointed out how we could more effectively communicate. So I could become a more distinctive father and husband, Dave encouraged me to attend the Sterling Men's Weekend and it truly has made a difference in my life and the life of our family. Dave's insights into what makes me tick and how I actively impede my ability to listen and learn have helped to turn my life around."
Jesse E.Manhattan, NY
Dave is a brilliant coach with stunning insight. He got me to truly see how I was showing up in my life and where that was and wasn't working. i highly recommend working with Dave if you want to charge forward in your life.
Mark R.Fair Lawn, NJ
Let me help you realize your goals and find success!
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"Dave Rudbarg is a very talented man. I have known him and known many people who have worked with him for almost 10 years but only went to him for support recently. I am glad I did. Dave has had a commitment to this work for a long time and it shows in his approach, he is as much a scholar as he is light hearted and committed to people loving their lives and their relationships. He has an extraordinary ability to introduce new ways of looking at things, to push me without being pushy, to bring opportunities for me to experience new insight, while allowing them to be mine, rather than lessons taught. He is a talented listener and a truly caring man."
Douglas H.Bearsville, NY


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